Together, we have created an environment that is supportive, integrated and compassionate

our culture

Unwavering commitment to integrity.
Enduring dedication to patients.
Positive community impact.

The Collegium team feels pride for who we are: responsible, purposeful and collaborative. We are motivated by an unfaltering dedication to improving the lives of people living with serious medical conditions and honor our commitment to operating at the highest levels of integrity and with appreciation for our Core Values.

We believe our work is an organized effort and that every employee’s unique experiences and diverse perspectives enable us to positively impact the lives of people living with serious medical conditions as well as each other.

We strive to foster and maintain a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture by Embracing Differences and Encouraging Expression. We aim to foster a stronger, smarter and more informed organization every day.

grow with us

grow with us

We encourage employees at all levels to act as leaders. Our set of Leadership Behaviors are unique to Collegium — the Head, Heart and Guts — and complement and reinforce our Core Values. These Leadership behaviors are also embedded within many of our employee experiences.

Collegium team members feel that they can accomplish their personal career goals while advancing our collective mission. We share a set of Career Pathways with all team members so they can proactively develop in their careers at Collegium.

We believe that Collegium’s success is fundamentally connected to the well-being of our employees

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job openings

The Collegium team is passionate about delivering meaningful medicines to treat people living with serious medical conditions. We approach our work with integrity and feel pride for the diverse, inclusive, collaborative and compassionate environment we have created together. We invite you to explore our job openings and apply to join the Collegium journey.

We are committed to our employees’ health, safety and wellness and are excited to offer them and their families access to various innovative, flexible and convenient health and wellness programs.

These programs include benefits that provide protection and security so that employees can have peace of mind concerning events that may require time away from work or that impact their financial well-being; that support their physical and mental health by providing tools and resources to help them improve or maintain their health status and encourage engagement in healthy behaviors; and that offer choice where possible so they can customize their benefits to meet their needs and the needs of their families.

We also offer employees a hybrid workweek, so they have the flexibility to work from home and can create important collaborations with and connections to each other in person.

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