DETERx® Technology

Collegium has developed a novel, patented, abuse-deterrent technology platform, DETERx, which provides extended-release drug delivery, while safeguarding against common methods of abuse and tampering including crushing, chewing, and heating and injecting.

In our proprietary DETERx technology, we combine active ingredients such as oxycodone with fatty acid and waxes to form small spherical beads (microspheres) that are filled into a capsule. These wax-based microspheres are designed to resist particle size reduction and dose dumping when subjected to rigorous physical and chemical manipulation such as breaking, crushing, chewing and dissolving. This approach is different from other abuse deterrent formulations that include an antagonist (to counteract the physiological effect of the drug) or an aversive agent (such as an irritant to make abuse unpleasant). As each individual microsphere has extended release and abuse-deterrent properties, our product candidates can be administered as a capsule, as a sprinkle (opening the capsule and sprinkling on food or directly into mouth), or through feeding tubes without compromising the extended release profile. This could provide an added advantage of minimizing risk for legitimate patients and may offer an alternative treatment option for patients with difficulty swallowing.