Investigator Initiated Studies

Investigator Initiated Studies

The Investigator-Initiated Study (IIS) Grant program at Collegium supports original research conducted by non-Collegium physicians and researchers in predetermined therapeutic areas.

The goal of each IIS is to further research related to Collegium’s current and future therapeutic areas of interest.

Therapeutic areas of interest include:

Treatment of chronic pain in:

  • Patients requiring transition between different extended-release formulations
  • Patients requiring transition between immediate release and extended-release formulations
  • Patients who have had gastric bypass surgery

The Impact of Abuse-deterrent Technology on: 

  • Misuse, abuse, and diversion
  • Interruption and impact on various trajectories to addiction
  • Prevention of overdose

The Cost-effectiveness of Abuse Deterrent Formulations: 

  • Assessment of societal benefits of abuse deterrent formulations

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